Sunday, April 21, 2013


It all started like this! My name is Steven, it was a Saturday, March 14, 2009, when it all started. I was home alone on my bed using my laptop logged in a dating site, when I noticed an ad for a free Christian dating site and having little success with the previous site, I signed up. After I signed up, I was scrolling through pictures of women, when one particular woman strucked my interest. Me being shy and inexperience in the dating scene I still with trembling fingers send her a message. Her name on her profile was Sarai. When I read through her profile there was just something about her look in her eyes, she was stunning! In the message that I sent her I included my email and cell phone number and then logged off and as I was in my bed, ready to go to sleep the image of her face never left my mind. The weekend passed and nothing happened then Monday came and I went to work.

It all started like this as well! Well, my story is a little different than his. My name is Sarai, the girl he is talking about, his wife now. Well, unlike him I'd already had an account with that Christian dating site and the reason I joined is because, one I was it was free, and second, I was Christian and I kind off was hoping to find someone Christian as well. It was a Saturday, March 14, 2009. While I was browsing through pictures and profiles my inbox showed that I had one message. I open the inbox and it was a message from stejcos, in which it was Steven J Costa,  the message said that if I was interested to please email, text him, or call him. So I browsed through his profile, looked at his description and his pictures and I got intimidated because when I read his profile it stated that he was Italian, so knowing this about him got me scared. The reason I say this is because I have heard through the years that Italians were players and don't like to commit to any other girl, other than their kind, but still something pushed me to put his contact information in my cell phone, just in case. With him on my mind and confused to call him, that Sunday my mom came over to visit, so I asked her what did she thought about Italians because I was nervous to contact him. My mom told me the same thing, that Italians are conceded and that I should never or even think about going out with one and that it was a bad idea, so I just forgot about it, for that day. On Monday, I went to work and started to think about his profile information and the message that he sent me. I gave it so much thought since I received his message, and still on that day I gave it a lot of thought, if I should text him or not. It took me about an hour and a half to actually have the guts to text him because I was afraid of the stories that I have heard. I text him hello, this is Sarai, you sent me your phone number to text you from the Christian dating site, so to text me back. An hour passed so I figured that he wasn't interested in me so I was 100% convinced that what my mom and other's have said about Italians was true. A half an hour later he texts me, and I was kind off exited and nervous at the same time but we text each other for a couple of hours until we came to an arrangement to connect with each other through Yahoo Messenger at nine o'clock. I was exited in a way but so scared to talk to him over the internet but since it was going to be typing to each other, I didn't really mind it. Nine o'clock came and I was sleeping I looked at the time and said "shit, I have to log on to Yahoo Messenger", but I was still nervous so it took me at least twenty more minutes to decide if I should go forth with it and talk to him. I open the internet and he was not there so I text him and told him I was online but I think he had told me that he was having difficulty with Yahoo Messenger, so I guide him through until he got online.

This is Steven, and what Sarai said it was true. She did text me on that day and it did took me a little while to get back to her because I was at work but I was so excited that she finally text me. I just wanted to grab my phone and leave the job and text her all day. But as it happened we had made arrangements to speak later online.  At 8:30, I got to my computer and logged on and waited for her not knowing that I needed to download Yahoo Messenger. But like she said she text me and told me that she was online and that she did not see me online. So she guided me through the process to get me through and that's when all hell broke loose. We chatted for a couple of hours, needless to say I was so nervous and scared and happy all at the same time. Towards the end of our chatting I had asked her if I can call her the next day because I type like shit and she types real fast. Then she text me the cutest thing ever, which blew my mind!! She said "NO!!! only if I can call you tonight and say good night", at this point I was more scare and more excited but also hoped her voice was as sweet as her face. Well, at any rate, she called me to say good night, it was about 11:30 p.m.  Finally, she told me she was going to call me and she did. While waiting for the phone to ring I was so excited I just could not wait. When the phone rang I obviously answered the phone, and still I was very nervous to hear her voice but as it turned out she had a sweet girly voice. Things went a lot smoother for me since I can speak way better than I type. I can't put it into words but I was just so happy talking to her, I felt elated! So the little goodnight phone call at 11:30 p.m. ended at 5:30 a.m., that was it, I was hooked! I had just hung up the phone with her and I felt great! I could not wait to talk to her again. I actually text her right after our phone conversation just because I wanted to still talk to her but she had work so did I but we did make plans to speak again that night. The whole day went so slow and it sucked because I just could not wait to talk to her after work. We talked over the phone again on Tuesday but for some reason we ended up online typing to each other again. I had asked her over messenger if she would like to go for dinner with me and she agreed to it. I was so fucking happy because I get an opportunity to have dinner with this girl. Throughout the week we text each other so much that we had to change our data plans to unlimited data. I also went out and bought a blackberry so I have a full keyboard so I can text with. The whole week went by so slow that I could not wait till Sunday but as excited as I was, I was also scared that she would not like me. Sunday came!

Hi is Sarai again, well everything that Steven said of what have happened during that week is accurate. On that Monday when I logged on Yahoo Messenger, I did not see him online so I text him to see what was going on and told him that I was already online but like he said it turned out that he knew nothing about logging in to Messenger. I guided him, he finally got it and we typed to each other for about two hours. He did typed so slow, because every time I asked him a question it took him so long to answer but I did not know that it was, because he did not know how to type fast. He did asked me if we can talk again the next day, same time, and I did agreed but on the condition of me calling him that night to tell him goodnight. I was so nervous chatting with him over the net and then the phone, that I actually smoke that night about two packs of cigarettes from anxiety. Since I have told him that I was going to call him and said good night to him, my mind was just hoping that he's voice did not sounded gay, really but really gay, because I knew that would've been a big turn off to me. I am not a shallow person but it really did matter to me that his voice sounded like a man and not a gay voice. So I wondered until I called him! When I called him I was so nervous not only because of the way his voice would've sounded but because I did not know what else I could say to him, because I was speechless and nervous. When he picked up the phone  and spoke I felt relieved because his voice was amazing and attractive to me so we talked and talked and talked until 5:30 a.m. People would asked me "what the hell did ya talked about for so many hours", and I say, "it must have been something very interesting since we spoke for hours", but till this day I do not remember what we talked about all those hours. After we hung up the phone we each other I was so excited and happy because I really thought that he kind of liked me since I already liked him. We connected that night that I just could not get enough of him.  I really did not wanted to hang up the phone but since I didn't get no sleep and had to go to work so did he, I tried to pretend I kind off cared of his sleep and rest so he could function at work but in reality I just wanted to keep on talking to him. He did text me again after our long hours of talking and I got more excited and happy. I believe that during that day we did text each other every once in a while. Like him I was hooked, but hooked on him!!! I spoke to him that night again for hours, we made plans to meet on Sunday of the same week but to tell you the truth I was so desperate to meet this guy, that I wanted to meet with him before that Sunday, but did not dare to ask him because after all I am a girl and did not wanted to sound desperate to him. That week we talk but the week took so long for the date that we had planed. By Thursday, if I am not mistaken, in my heart he only vibe, I fell in love with him before I met him and could not take him off my mind, the only thing I had of him was a picture that he had sent me, God oh God,  I looked and stared at that picture every chance I had throughout the day until the day we met, but I did not dare to tell him because I did not know if I would've made a fool out of myself, after all in reality, I did not know him like that. Well that Sunday came, I got all dressed up pretty for him with clothes that took me about three hours to pick before buying, because I could not decide what kind of out fit he would have liked to see on me. After all we have only seen each other once online via a web cam for about five minutes and that too only face shots of each other. I got all dressed up pretty but I panic, and I wanted to cancel because I was so scared to meet him and having the thought that he would not like me made me feel like backing out of our date. But I went through with it!!! I went to pick up my mom to babysit my kids and to my surprised he was already there to pick me up. I was so nervous to get out the car that I told my mom to get out the car first, so she did. I got out of the car, crossed the street, he got out of the car, said hello, I introduced him to my mom, he said hello to my mom, then he looked at me and said hello and shook my hand. But I need to say, in my heart I knew he wanted to hug me and kiss me in my lips, because I saw it through his eyes but he won't admitted till this day. Then I got in his car and we drove away.

It's Steven, that week went by so painfully slow. We talked so much, my feelings grew so strong so fast for her. To tell you the truth by Wednesday or Thursday, I was head over heals in love with her and I could not wait to have her in my arms. All I could think about was her, she consumed my every thought! It was like my phone was a key to happiness that week. I wanted to also see her before Sunday but did not want to sound desperate so I waited it out. We talked about everything, what to wear, where to go, where to meet, and the day slowly crept by. In some ways I did not wanted to meet her because things were so perfect and I was afraid, if we met and she did not like me, I would have felt awful but we went on the date. I bought new jeans, and white sneakers in hopes to make a good first impression. Sunday finally arrived, I woke up excited, waited till it was time to leave, then I drove nervously to Yonkers, NY, it was a completely different world since I come from the suburbs and she comes from the city. I finally arrive to her street, all the buildings look the same to me, I was the only white guy in the street, but she told me the type of car she had, I was so scared!!! The first person to get out of her car, I thought was her but turned out to be her mother, "thanks God", then I saw Sarai, finally!!! At this point I had a lump in my throat. I got out of the car also and walked over and greeted her and her mother. Sarai introduced her mother to me and then her mother went upstairs. Then as she said, I did shook her hand but I did really wanted to kiss her. She looked beautiful!!! I kept saying in my head, "don't fuck it up", so we got in my car and drove away into the night.